To fulfill our mission and achieve our goals, we use a variety of fundraising methods, including:
* Charity events and fundraising in social networks
* Cooperation with companies and organizations willing to help us in our efforts
We are directly involved in the organization and management of housing reconstruction projects to ensure that projects are executed efficiently and correctly.
We are convinced that every person deserves decent housing, and we do everything possible to help those who find themselves in a difficult situation. We hope that our work will bring benefit and help people in need. If you want to support our mission, contact us and find out how you can help.
About us
Our charitable foundation was created to help people who lost their homes as a result of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. We strive to provide housing to as many people as possible who find themselves in a difficult life situation. Our mission is to help people rebuild their lives. The fund unites people with an active public position, various experts in the construction industry, from architects and designers to simple builders, but all these people are concerned about the future of our state.
Our tasks:
* Collection of funds for the reconstruction of the housing stock
* Provision of safe and comfortable housing for people affected by war
* Providing effective support and assistance to the needy in society
Since the beginning of the war, the territory of Ukraine has been completely destroyed
  • 74000+
  • 337+
  • 173+
Fund program
The basis for the approximate determination of the total amount of restoration of housing and social facilities in our program is the "Report on direct damage to infrastructure from the destruction caused by Russia's military aggression against Ukraine as of September 1, 2022", which was developed by the analytical team of the Kyiv School of Economics.
According to the report, as of September 1, 2022, 72,100 residential buildings (with a total area of 30.8 million m2) were completely destroyed (the degree of destruction was more than 40%). In addition, according to preliminary data, 616 administrative buildings, 289 hospitals, 1270 schools and 786 kindergartens were destroyed as a result of the hostilities. Currently, it can be assumed that as of February 1, 2023, about 50 million m2 of housing and social facilities should be built in Ukraine.
On the basis of the above, our foundation, in cooperation with architects and designers, has developed typical projects of the most common private and social buildings, which will allow, after the end of hostilities, to quickly begin the process of restoring destroyed areas in the affected cities. Join the fundraiser, every contribution, even a small one, will allow us to start rebuilding the regions of our country most affected by hostilities, because the cost of building a cottage is about $50,000, and the construction of an apartment building is from $1,000,000 to $2,500,000, depending on the square footage.
Together to victory!
Prefab houses for the private sector
Our fund found a manufacturer that offers the possibility of building houses, the wall structures of which are made on the basis of exclusively natural materials. The used technology is well known in the Western countries of Europe, where it received excellent reviews and took the first place in the construction of family-type houses. The manufacturer offers lightweight ceramic designs that are already ready
electrical wiring, water pipes and pipelines are installed, the surface of the walls is ready for painting.
The advantage of this system is its
fast installation and environmental friendliness, because all materials are made exclusively from natural materials. Another decisive advantage is that the houses are energy-saving, that is, energy-efficient.
2-7 story buildings
The Foundation, in cooperation with architects, developed projects of typical high-rise buildings that can be transformed, as well as suitable for building in whole blocks.
The basis of the projects is a frame-beam structural scheme and self-supporting external walls,
which allows to make the structure flexible and universal,
and also to optimize the consumption of materials for the construction of houses
and construction cost.
Construction according to this system is a modern development that uses the latest technologies and materials and meets the requirements of European standards.
As for construction, it can be quickly deployed on the capacities of local house-building plants.
Our projects
On February 27, 2022, Russian equipment was recorded in Makarov, which intended to break through to Kyiv. On March 2, the 14th separate mechanized brigade named after Prince Roman the Great and the 95th separate amphibious assault brigade liberated the village and entrenched themselves in it. However, in the future, Makarov was under constant shelling by the occupiers, and as of March 25, it was destroyed by 70%..
We started the activity of our fund in the urban-type village of Makariv, Buchansky district of the Kyiv region, the center of the Makariv settlement community, located on the banks of the Zdvizh River, 50 kilometers from Kyiv.
We started designing the house
According to the conclusion of the state commission, the building is unfit for use for its intended purpose, has completely lost its economic value, there is damage to the load-bearing and enclosing structures, the degree and nature of which indicates the danger of an emergency collapse of the object
Our fund helps rebuild a destroyed house in the village of Kalynivka, Makariv district, Kyiv region.
Ukraine, Kyiv, Tiraspolska St. 60
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Project coordinator: Alexander Orlov +380 (67) 446 3931

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